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Hey, Fellow Riders!

My name is Joe Battelline. That's pronounced, "bat-uh-lee-knee". Yeah, it's a mouth-full. You're welcome.

I was born in Arkansas and raised in Ohio, but I have looped around and zipped across a variety of places. If I showed you my résumé, you would see a history of 20 jobs across 7 states before the age of 33.  You probably think I'm a job hopping nightmare or even a con artist on the run! Rest assured, I am neither. I promise. 

Rather, I am someone who does know a thing or two about job searching, starting over, and generally being the new guy in town.  My career has been a roller coaster of experiences and places, so I started this site to help you navigate your own career turns and 80-degree drops. Your career was never meant to be a straight line anyway, so ride along with me.

My thoughts and experiences are not the gold standard for any career, however. In reality, everything depends on context and the individual. What worked for me might not work for you, and that's okay. In any case, this site can be a place for you to explore and prepare your next adventure. Thanks for visiting!





Career Advisor/Student Advisor 

Carnegie Mellon Univ. (2018-Present)

Bradley Univ. (2013-2018)

Missouri State Univ. (2011-2013) 

M.S. in Student Affairs  

Missouri State University 

B.S. in Business Administration

The Ohio State University

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